Thick-billed Murres in AlaskaThick-billed Murres in Alaska

Much of Alaska is a truly wild place. That’s what makes it so appealing to wildlife lovers and photographers. Navigating Alaska alone can seem daunting if you’ve never been there, and have little experience in remote or extreme conditions. While it’s possible to see and photograph some excellent birds in more accesssile locations in parts of Alaska, getting that truly wild experience and seeing some of then more sought after species in some of the more difficult terrain and habitats is significantly aided by having an experienced guide with you.

Most Alaska-based tour operators are wildlife specialists, and include birds in their tours as part of a more all encompassing wildlife experience. Many will however tailor a tour to your specific wants and needs, and if you wish to focus purely on birds then the best operators will make it happen. The key is to choose a tour guide that knows the local birds well, and knows how and where to find them at the time of year you plan to travel to Alaska.

Thick-billed Murres in Alaska
Thick-billed Murres in Alaska

Bird Species of Alaska

You might have some species in mind that you really want to track down and photograph in Alaska; or if it’s your first time visiting this spectacular part of the world, finding as many birds as you can will be the goal.

With over 520 species being recorded in the state, the opportunities are endless. However, seasons are obviously extremely important in Alaska and timing your trip right is going to be key to seeing as many birds as you possibly can. An experienced guide knows the migration pattern of birds, and where and when they arrive and depart before and after winter.

Thick-billed Murre