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Bird Photography in Ireland

Ireland is somewhat famous for its cloudy skies and this can hamper the enthusiasm of even the most determined bird photographers. But in reality, Ireland is not prone to long torrential downpours but rather short drizzles and while it can be grey at times, the sun often eventually shines and we can usually enjoy a morning, an afternoon or if you’re there on the best days: a whole day of sun. Even when it rains in Ireland, the sun may be shining. So don’t pack the gear away when you hear those first rain drops come down – these are often the times when the best images can be made; when other photographers have called it a day (and later regretted it).

If you want the best chances of photographing under clear skies in Ireland, head to the south east of the country around the middle of the year. May and June can average sunshine of around 6 hours per day – plenty of time to get some great birding in. Read More »Bird Photography in Ireland

seagulls in sydney australia

21 Great Bird Photography Locations in Sydney, Australia

Sydney is the biggest, most populous and most well known city in Australia. Increasingly built up over the past few decades, green space has rapidly diminished as humans have moved in with their bulldozers and their homes; a story all too sadly familiar the world over.

So are there any birds left to see in Sydney? If so, where do these birds live?

Bird lovers can still find and enjoy places of serenity in or close to Sydney (depending how serene you’d like it to be; after all, completely escaping human sounds and influence is very difficult to do in a large city). Read More »21 Great Bird Photography Locations in Sydney, Australia

Striated Heron in Singapore

Bird Photography in Singapore

Bird photography is popular throughout Singapore with local residents. Additionally, many people travel from around the world to visit Singapore with hope of seeing and photographing some of the rarer and endemic birds of the region.

Singapore has an impressive number of birds that are either residents, or migrate there at particular times of year. This makes it all the more important to carefully plan the timing of your Singapore bird photography adventure: some species just can’t be found there all year round. Read More »Bird Photography in Singapore