640 - FLORIDA SCRUB-JAY (2-24-13) kissimmee lake state park, osceola co, fl  (9)
Florida Scrub-Jay

Florida is a haven for bird photography.

There’s a reason that so many photographers visit the state, and why those who live here are able to get so many stunning photos of so many spectacular birds.

Despite a continually growing human population resulting in ever expanding development taking away valued bird habitat, we still have some fantastic places to observe and photograph birds – and no doubt, passionate birders and photographers want to see these areas protected evermore.

So if you’re planning to visit Florida, or live in the state and are just looking for some new bird photography spots – where do you start? It’s a big state and there’s lots to see.

This guide will cover all the most well known, as well as the lesser known Florida spots for taking birds photos. We’ll also talk about many of the bird species you’ll find here.