Got a kayak? Love taking photos of birds?

Why not combine them?

Kayaking and wildlife watching at Seedskadee National Wildlife Refuge

Many people photograph birds from kayaks and those who have mastered the skill of both using a kayak and using their camera while on one, often come up with some of the most dynamic, unique images of birds that live on or near the water.

Birds that can photographed from a kayak are wide and varied: from diving terns, to hunting egrets, to colonies of pelicans. Many birds will ignore the presence of a kayak, allowing you to get up closer and significantly more intimate with your subject than if you were photographing them from land.

As always, respecting the boundaries of birds at all times is paramount, and some species and individuals will be wary of a kayak. Using common sense and ethical considerations, a kayak based bird photography outing can be highly rewarding for you without causing any stress to the birds you want to focus on.

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