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Bird Photography with Nikon D3500, D3400 and D3300

All images seen on this page have been photographed with either a Nikon D3300 or Nikon D3400.

The majority of bird and wildlife photographers would probably laugh at the thought of using a cheap, entry level DSLR camera.

Speaking on the Nikon side of things, their entry level cameras are often not thought of as appealing for people who have been doing photography for some time, let alone for one of the most challenging types of photography: birds.

That was until the D3300 came along containing one of Nikon’s best cropped image sensors – the 24MP DX. Read More »Bird Photography with Nikon D3500, D3400 and D3300

Bird Photography in Ireland

Ireland is somewhat famous for its cloudy skies and this can hamper the enthusiasm of even the most determined bird photographers. But in reality, Ireland is not prone to long torrential downpours but rather short drizzles and while it can be grey at times, the sun often eventually shines and we can usually enjoy a morning, an afternoon or if you’re there on the best days: a whole day of sun. Even when it rains in Ireland, the sun may be shining. So don’t pack the gear away when you hear those first rain drops come down – these are often the times when the best images can be made; when other photographers have called it a day (and later regretted it).

If you want the best chances of photographing under clear skies in Ireland, head to the south east of the country around the middle of the year. May and June can average sunshine of around 6 hours per day – plenty of time to get some great birding in. Read More »Bird Photography in Ireland

facebook groups for bird photography

Bird Photography Facebook Groups

Facebook, despite its apparent declining stature as the most popular social media network, is still the place to go for wildlife and bird photographers who want to share photos and bird watching experiences with like minded people.

Instagram has certainly boomed, and countless bird photographers use IG to share images, but Facebook has an additional benefit that you won’t find on Instagram: Facebook Groups.

There are groups for everything on FB and bird photography is no exception. A lot of photography groups are broken down into geographic localities – either entire countries, states, but also very small regions.

This allows birders to network more closely in their local area, report sightings and of course: share bird photos. Read More »Bird Photography Facebook Groups

Nikon camera for bird photography

Which Nikon Camera Is Best For Bird Photography? Guide To Nikon Cameras For Birds

Someone who is looking at buying a new camera specifically for photographing birds (or with birds intending to be their main subjects), and knowing they want a Nikon, has a lot of choices.

Is there a “best” Nikon camera for bird photography?

Not really. A great photographer will be able to take superb bird photos with almost any Nikon camera. But that’s not to overlook the fact that some cameras definitely have their advantages for taking photos of birds, which is one of the most challenging types of photography there is. Read More »Which Nikon Camera Is Best For Bird Photography? Guide To Nikon Cameras For Birds

Blurred background in bird photography

How to Blur the Background in Bird Photography

A blurred or out of focus background (technically known as bokeh) is the ultimate goal for many people who have reached a more advanced stage of photography – but even beginners attempt (and sometimes succeed) in getting this effect, without potentially knowing how or why it happens.

There are several factors that come into how the background of a bird photo will appear.

Sometimes you can control them all, while other times you’ll only be able to control the more technical aspects of it on your camera while having to make do with a “good enough” outcome. Read More »How to Blur the Background in Bird Photography

seagulls in sydney australia

21 Great Bird Photography Locations in Sydney, Australia

Sydney is the biggest, most populous and most well known city in Australia. Increasingly built up over the past few decades, green space has rapidly diminished as humans have moved in with their bulldozers and their homes; a story all too sadly familiar the world over.

So are there any birds left to see in Sydney? If so, where do these birds live?

Bird lovers can still find and enjoy places of serenity in or close to Sydney (depending how serene you’d like it to be; after all, completely escaping human sounds and influence is very difficult to do in a large city). Read More »21 Great Bird Photography Locations in Sydney, Australia

Florida birding and photography fest

Florida’s Birding & Photo Fest – Florida Bird Photography Festival

The popular annual Florida Birding and Photo Fest is going to be held again next year, from April 24-28, 2019 on Florida’s Historic Coast at St. Augustine and Ponte Vedra.

This is a huge festival with many highlights.

The large number of exhibitions gives you an opportunity to see up close the latest gear and birding products from leading companies.

For those wanting to get into the action side of things though there’s so much more: the festival has workshops and classroom sessions covering all sorts of topics related to bird photography and birding in general. These are run by highly respected photographers who converge on the Florida fest to share their skills and knowledge. Read More »Florida’s Birding & Photo Fest – Florida Bird Photography Festival

Bird Field Guides: Ultimate Guide to Field Guides for Every Country

A field guide, whether in book or app form (or both), is a birder’s best friend. This is especially so when you’re visiting a new location, or somewhere that you just aren’t familiar with every single bird. You never know what you’re going to see.

But having a quality field guide for your local area or your own country is also indispensable. You might be early on in your birding journey, where identifying species is an exciting challenge (some species can take years to become familiar with!), or you might just enjoy having the detailed information that a good guide provides.

After all, modern field guides contain so much more than just species identification data and pictures. They cover breeding and best information, detailed descriptions of the differences of male, female and juvenile plumage, comparisons between similar species, and of course the ranges and subspecies of birds. Read More »Bird Field Guides: Ultimate Guide to Field Guides for Every Country

Tips for Bird Photography in Cloudy Weather

So you’ve planned an awesome day out, looked at the weather forecast for a sunny day ahead; but lo and behold, looking out the window confronts you not with clear skies but: clouds!

Is your birding day ruined? Absolutely not. In fact, a cloudy or overcast day can make a day of bird photography even better.

One of the big reasons for that is that you’ll be able to take photos all day, and not be restricted to just the early and late light as is often the case with bright sunny days (not that you can’t continue shooting when the sun is high in the sky, but results will never be spectacular). Read More »Tips for Bird Photography in Cloudy Weather