When you think of the Bay Area, birds and birds photography probably aren’t the first things that come to mind. But for people who live locally with an interest in birds, as well as those throughout California and the wider US, the Bay Area holds some real bird gems that are absolutely worth the time for any birder or photographer.

The SF Bay Area is dominated by human development. What remains of bird and wildlife habitat is highly valuable. This includes:

– Wetlands of critical importance for shorebirds. Overwintering water birds here can number in the millions.

– Upland habitat: Drier habitat containing grasses and tree habitat for mammals and birds. Climate change, drought and increased fires poses a great risk to these remaining habitats.

– Mudflats and tidal marsh: Less than 5% of the original tidal wetlands of the Bay Area remain today.

Where to see birds in the Bay Area

Don Edwards San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge

San Pablo Bay Wetlands

East Bay Regional Park District’s Briones Regional Park in Contra Costa County, CA



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